Blaine wins their first game of the season!

The first game of the 2023 Blaine Varsity Boys soccer season has concluded. The team won outscoring opponents STEM six-two. The Tigers dominated most of the game limiting STEM’s scoring opportunities. Here is what the team thinks about the result.  

The overall vibe on the team was accomplishment after winning the first game. Although some players felt there was room for improvement. Caden and others expressed concern for the lack of communication on the offensive and defensive ends.  

When asked about the game Liam said, “We did well, but we were a bit disconnected.” 

Alexander also agreed that “We didn’t play as [a team] we played more [individually]” 

When asked about the game Mr. Self said, “The team will jell over time.” and, “The way to work on communication is to just play together.” He also shared that he thinks the team will feel better about themselves if there is more passing. “I want us to create beautiful goals,” he said. 

When asked about his hopes for the rest of the season Liam said, “If we jell as a team, I think we will make it far.” Alexander also agreed that the team has a good chance of winning the tournament.  

Mr. Self said, “I expect the team to win as we are not in a very competitive division.” 

The popular opinion on the team is that they will win. The team will be playing Salmon Bay this Saturday, which is expected to be a big game. Thijs said, “This game will be an indicator of how our season will go.”  

Eli said, “I feel confident going into our game this weekend.” 

The team has a strong morale and work ethic. I think they will have a strong season.