What should you do this summer?


This summer is going to feel shorter than past summers because we will only have 2 months off. Some things you could do to keep yourself busy, if your not already, are some fun events in your own city, Seattle. These events range from festivals to markets which you can enjoy with family, friends, or even strangers.

. Washington State Fair Events Center: 6/30/2023-7/2/2023

Experience the ultimate summer food fest with many local and international foods.

. Amazon Seafair Summer Fourth: 7/4/2023

This is the best way to experience 4th of July with amazing fireworks, food, dance parties, and many more.

. Festal: Polish Festival Seattle: 7/8/2023

This is the best way to learn and engage with Polish culture through live music, exhibits, and many more experiences.

. Seattle All-Star Week 2023: 7/7/2023-7/11/2023

Have fun with many Major League Baseball activities while watching many fun events that occur with some MLB players.

Obviously there are many more events just as fun as these, but these are some events that would be fun to do this summer. We hope you have a spectacular summer with these events and are looking forward to the next school year.