Lost and Found: What Gets Left Behind

Every Lost and Found has water bottles, old sweaters, and the occasional T-shirt no one claims. But what do people really abandon, and why does no one ever claim the lost items?    

The Lost and Found at Blaine always is brimming with coats and sweaters. This is especially the case as the end of the school year approaches. Currently in the Lost and found, we have hats, water bottles, plastic food containers, lunch boxes/bags, and lots and lots of T-shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Lots of the things in the lost and found are small or fit Elementary schoolers. Middle schoolers seem to be pretty good about keeping track of their things. 

There is lots of reluctance to go through the lost and found for fear of what could be lurking beneath the surface. According to Elaine Merz, from Blaine’s front office, the grossest thing that she has seen in the Lost and Found is moldy food in a container. No one would want to claim that!  

Ms. Merz also said that at the end of the year, items left behind aren’t thrown away. A parent volunteer takes on the daunting task of taking all the items to homeless shelters. Lost and Found items also get donated every month so it won’t get too crowded on the racks. It is good that these things are being donated because there are people everywhere who need extra clothing. 

Check the Lost and Found! Maybe you will find something of yours you forgot about that didn’t get donated? Or something really awesome. Or maybe one of your friends will find something they have been looking for. Either way, check, you will never know what you could find.