College Softball Rankings


The NCAA college softball rankings come out this week! I’m going to be going over the top three teams and deep diving into their ranking.

Starting off with Oklahoma going 51-1, Oklahoma has remained strong this entire season with only one loss so far. The one loss they took was to Baylor who is currently ranked number 18. Nobody knows why that loss happened. Their pitcher is Jordy Bahl a current freshman at the sooners. So far, she has remained dominant in this NCAA tournament. She has pitched 137 innings only in this season, she has 203 strikeouts, and 20 runs earned off her. She has only allowed four home runs to be hit off her.

Ranked second is UCLA, going 52-5, UCLA has also been very strong this season with only two losses on their record. Their champion pitcher Megan Faraimo, she has pitched 90 innings, she has 149 strikeouts, and she has only allowed 7 home runs to be hit off her.

Coming in third is Florida State, going 50-8. Their man pitcher is Allison Royalty. I can’t seem to find her stats or make sense of them so… but if you want to know more about her go on the Florida State website and look at all the players stats!