Who’s the Best Disney Princess?


We interviewed the kindergarteners and first graders at our school about who their favorite Disney princesses were. We gave them five options to choose from: Rapunzel, Anna, Moana, Jasmine, and Belle.  

The kindergarteners and first graders were very opinionated about these princesses. They only chose two princesses out of the five:  Jasmine and Rapunzel.  They had very specific reasons for picking these two princesses. One of them explained how Jasmine has very long hair. While another student thought Jasmine was super adventurous and loved to explore. The kindergarten students also enjoyed Jasmine’s pet tiger, Rajah. Rapunzel was also chosen because the kindergarteners really liked her golden, long hair and her pet lizard, Pascal.  

The vote between nine elementary students in kindergarten and first grade only liked Jasmine and Rapunzel out of the five princess options we gave them. Jasmine won in a close match with five votes, while Rapunzel was liked by four people in total. We also discovered that everyone voted for a princess with pets. Jasmine has a pet tiger and Rapunzel has a pet lizard. Belle, Anna, and Moana technically do not have pets (although some may think Olaf could be Anna’s pet).  

Which princess, prince, and Disney pet is your favorite? Take our poll about it!