Weird Inventions.


It is not a surprise that technology is taking over our lives. Each week better and better tech is being created, some of it is good, some bad, and some just plain weird. I will be talking about the weirdest inventions that could, maybe, appear in you life soon. (but most likely not).

  1. The Ben & Jerry’s lock. One day a random suggestion popped up by an anonymous person that Ben & Jerry’s should start selling their ice cream in padlocked metal containers to discourage any greedy midnight snackers. The suggestion sadly didn’t get through  though, a padlock that is able to fit on the top of ice cream containers to keep them closed is for sale costing 26 dollars a piece. Personally I wouldn’t recommend it considering you can easily cut into the side of the container but you gotta do what you gotta do to protect your ice cream!
  2. The hydro hammock. While water beds might have gone out of style in the 1990’s don’t worry! You can still relax is a hot tub hammock! By pumping hot water through the inside of the hammock it warms it up making a portable hot tub, except for the fact that you need to heat up massive amounts of water first, maybe you could find a use!
  3. The amphibious bike. All of the materials packed away in a small backpack, you can easily turn your mountain bike into a fully functioning pedal boat using inflatable tubes! Considering how the ‘boat’ is quite vertical it probably is not going to fare well on  really any waves but it is a start to a new age of  triathlons!
  4. And finally, the handwriting robot. No more “handwritten” letters for you, no more hand crampings, this robot utilizes 3-D printing to take samples of your handwriting and write notes in your handwriting. You could use this for thank you notes, wedding invitations or simply signing bits of paper this robot could change your life! Though maybe not in a good way as people you’ve “written to” probably won’t be too happy if they find out.

How do these inventions sound? Do you think you would want to have and use them?