Reese’s Essay About How Cyberbullying is Wrong!


 Cyberbullying is wrong 

By Reese


Have you ever been bullied on social media or Video Games? I have. It really hurts. Cyberbullying is making negative or threatening comments on a person’s post. Cyberbullying is wrong because people quit games, you are usually hurting someone, and it is not making you or anyone cooler. 

 The first reason cyberbullying is wrong because people quit games. One example is that is that my friend quit video games and online media because she was getting bullied. 38% of people see cyberbullying on online platforms EVERYDAY. Also, it is not fair. Lastly, creators shut favorited games down because of bullying.  

The next reason cyberbullying is wrong because you are usually hurting someone. I stay away from games on Roblox because I get bullied on them. Also, you could influence others to bully too. Last, people get depression because of bullying online. 33% of females feel depressed after their bullied online, but ONLY 16.6% of males feel depressed after getting bullied online. In the USA, 26% of kids of all ages get bullied online.  

The last reason cyberbullying is wrong because it is not making you or them any cooler. People bully for attention. 73% of people get cyberbullied. Also, it is not kind. People play games and social media for fun, not to be bullied. 30% 0f people get bullied in lifetime. My friend Rose said, “nobody should feel like they don’t deserve to be themselves.” 

If you are being bullied online, the key is awareness, if you see someone gets bullied, stand up for them. Therefore, cyberbullying is wrong.