2023 March Madness


The most anticipated college basketball event of the year is right around the corner. Ever since 1939, 68 teams have battled in a single elimination tournament to emerge as the new college basketball champion. As the games progress you witness shining moments, heartbreaks, and an overall ultra-competitive and electrifying environment. One of the most famous aspects of March Madness is building your bracket. Billionaire Warren Buffet offers $1 billion to whomever can make the perfect March Madness bracket. The odds of it are almost 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. Millions of people pick their brackets and place their bets as they cheer on their team.

Like other tournaments, teams are ranked with corresponding seeds. Between the #1 seed and the #16 seed anything can happen. Upsets are a common occurrence with no way to guess the champion. This year’s underdogs are names not commonly spoken of, but they are more than ready to prove themselves.

Charleston- Many would overlook a team like Charleston due to its belittling stature when it comes to the college basketball landscape, yet that would be more than a mistake. Residing in a very small conference in the CAA (Colonial Athletic Association), the Cougars look to make a splash in the tournament with players such as their starting center Ante Brzovic reigning from Zagreb, Croatia who isn’t afraid to shoot beyond the arch when given the opportunity. The cougars were put on the map for the first time in twenty years, emerging from the shadows. This team is young, full of talent and a team that could put San Diego State on upset alert Thursday.

FAU- When looking at Florida Atlantic Universities’ roster on paper, they seem extremely undersized and likely not ready for a tournament full of teams that will tower over them. With all of that in mind though, they really haven’t had any bad losses throughout the entire season, boasting an impressive 31-3 record and a Conference-USA title. With depth at each position on the court, they will never run out of energy and have some of the best chemistry of any team in the tournament. FAU might be the lower seed, yet Memphis needs to play their best ball if they want to beat this tough squad.

Who are some players to look out for? The name everyone’s hearing, Zach Edey. Standing at 7-foot-4, the 20-year-old is believed to be the best player in the country. Averaging 22 ppg (points per game), 14 rebounds, and a 62.7 shooting percentage, he is nearly unguardable. Not to mention his pristine defense with a shocking 3 blocks per game. He is certainly a very valuable asset to the Purdue Boilermakers, and many are looking forward to the thrill he will add this season.

The beginning of the long-awaited March Madness begins Thursday and is short lasted as the National Championship will take place on Monday, April 3. As the games endure, make sure to fasten your seatbelts as the games intensify and a champion is crowned.