Should Beauty and The Beast be the Next Musical?

Do you think Beauty and The Beast should be the next musical? This year, our school musical was Shrek, and it was phenomenal! But people have already been discussing what next year’s musical should be. So, I went around asking middle school students about their points of view on the situation. 

One student, Lucy, explained how she really liked the idea of Beauty and The Beast being the next musical because it is inclusive and has good roles for all ages. Another middle schooler, Maya, explained how she really wanted to do Beauty and The Beast as the next musical because she already knows how amazing the musical is. In our conversation, Mano agreed with Maya that the musical would be fun, but he also added how interesting it would be.  

When I asked Theo and Nola about their thoughts if Beauty and The Beast should be the next musical, they also said that the variety of roles would be good, so everyone who wanted to be in the musical could be in the musical. When I interviewed another middle schooler, Lilija, she explained how she believes the costumes would be super wild and fun. She also added how she would love to be Mrs. Potts. Lastly, I discussed this topic with Finley, and she really loved this idea, explaining how she thinks the whole school would love it. Finley also wants Beauty and the Beast to be the next musical because it is the best Disney princess musical – in her opinion.  

Overall, I think most people would love Beauty and The Beast to be the next musical. From having a role for everybody, to wild costumes, we all know the Beauty and the Beast musical is a great option for next year!