What Sports Should we add to Catherine Blaine?


Catharine Blaine has many sports like volleyball, soccer, and basketball. But what other sports do Catharine Blaine kids want? By making a poll, we got many different answers for what sports they would like Catharine Blaine to add. There were surprising answers like archery, rowing, and wrestling. There were also sports that had a overwhelming number of votes to add that sport.

The largest amount of votes for one sport was 32 votes for boys volleyball. This may occur because Catharine Blaine only has a girls volleyball team, but not a boys volleyball team. Boys tend to enjoy volleyball as much as girls do, so why not make a team? This is hard because of equality and not having a  boys volleyball team to advance to in high-school.

The second highest amount of votes was softball and baseball. We believe that a lot of students enjoy playing these sports outside of school, but are sad we can’t enjoy playing the sports in school because of cost and not being able to play other schools (there are no other baseball/softball teams in the Seattle Public Schools district).

The third highest amount of votes was swimming. Many students are surprised that we don’t have swimming as a school team because of the accessible pool right next to our school. The two main reasons why we don’t have swimming is because of cost and enrollment issues.

In conclusion, our school doesn’t have many of the sports we desire because of money, enrollment, not having enough coaches, and not having teams to play against with. Though we don’t have many of the sports we desire, we still have many ways to have fun with our current sport teams.