The Seattle Kraken


Our newest addition to the Seattle Sports collection, and arguably the most impressive, the Kraken. Just instituted this past year, the hockey team has certainly made an impact. Starting off with a questionable 27-49 record last year, they have significantly improved and quite easily made the playoffs. Hockey is an underappreciated sport that not many people find the joy in watching. The relationships and bonds that the players have formed, truly make them such better athletes and teammates.

The Kraken have battled their way up the rankings, resulting in beating the reigning champions the Colorado Avalanche, winning the series 4-3. They went into the 7th and final game with the tied series of 3-3, and the Kraken came through and pulled out a win. The team coordination and communication are fluent on the rink, which translates into high IQ plays.

Their next opponent was the Dallas Stars, who are both very evenly matched teams. The first game of the series was a nailbiter. It went both ways, but the Kraken took an early lead in the first period. Nobody scored in the second, but in the third the Stars tied up the game. Yanni Gourde, our 31-year-old center, came in clutch scoring the game winning goal. So far this has probably been the most exciting game yet this season.

The Kraken has influenced many sports fans throughout Seattle, like our very own Sydney Willis. This is what she has to say, “In the post season, they proved everyone wrong by getting farther than others thought. I think they have potential to grow as a team and get even farther in the future.” Blaine students are ready for what the Kraken will prove, and are excited because they have grown such an audience and fan club.

Despite the timeline, the Kraken have made an impressive impact on the Seattle sports fan club and made for a very exciting team. The future will hold great things for them, and Seattle is excited for the upcoming seasons and years to come.