The Current Most Popular TV Shows


It’s no surprise that nearly 80% of Americans watch TV in their free time as it is so fun and interesting to see the latest comedies, dramas, mysteries and more. With so many people watching TV there must be some favorites. Let’s take a look at the current most popular TV shows and what their about.



Showed on: Netflix

Released on: April 6, 2023

Age group: 15+ (TV-MA)

Seasons released: 1

Summary: Beef is an intense comedy drama sitting at #1 most popular tv show right now. The show is created and directed by Lee Sung Jin starring Steven Yuen and Ali Wong. They play two people who meet in a road rage incident, and they spiral and try to destroy each other’s lives revealing their own lives to the audience in which they end up facing themselves too.


Ted Lasso

Showed on: Apple TV+

Released on: August 14, 2020

Recommended age group: TV-MA 14+

Seasons released: 3

Summary: Ted Lasso is a comedy drama based off the format and characters from NBC sports. The show is about an American football coach, Ted Lasso who is hired to be the manager of AFC Richmond, a British soccer team. Knowing nothing about soccer from only being an american football coach, the audience experiences the comedy and struggles that Ted and the rest of the team face.


Abbott elementary

Showed on: ABC, Hulu, HBO max, fuboTV

Released on: December 7, 2021

Age group: 12+

Seasons released:2

Abbot elementary is created by Quinta Brunson who also happens to be the main character in the show. Abbott elementary is about a group of committed teachers and faculty who work at a public elementary school is Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The odd bunch of teachers work together to keep the school in order and fun as well as trying to deal with their own problems outside of work. Abbott Elementary is a lighthearted workplace comedy with many great reviews and it has already won quite a few awards including, 2 primetime Emmys, 3 golden globes, 5 NAACP awards, 3 TCA awards and more.


Watching TV is an awesome way to wind down and relax. These are only a couple popular T.V shows but there are thousands out there and many more coming out every day. Click the link below to fill out a form and let us know your favorite show!