Blaine’s Favorite Movies

467,523 and counting. That’s about how many movies there are in the world. Being tasked to pick the perfect movie, is just about impossible. Now where to start, picking a genre. There are 13 main categories and over 90 sub-categories, and our Blaine students voted on their favorite. The winner by a mile was comedy, the runner up was mystery, and the final placer was action.


The ultimate favorite of the students at Blaine. The quickest and most answered movie genre, comedy. Whether it’s the pure joy or happiness laughter brings, it makes movies much more entertaining. The experience of sharing a good laugh while watching a movie makes it enjoyable and an easy go-to. Comedy also pairs very nicely, resulting in genres such as romantic comedies, and other mash ups with just about every movie having some form of comedy in it. Now the tough part about comedy movies and finding one everyone likes, is people have different senses of humor. Some of the most popular and beloved of the comedy section are Shrek, The Hangover, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and The Parent Trap. Shrek is one of the most memorable and favorites, which shows as it is the inspiration for our Spring production. The character development throughout the movie, shows the power in friendships and how impactful love is. Comedy will be Blaine’s favorite for quite a while; simply because, don’t we all love to laugh.


The thrill of a good suspenseful mystery is almost unbeatable and can be so captivating for so many reasons, the act of surprise plot twists and solving the puzzles along with the characters always keeps viewers guessing until the end. Some of the most popular mystery movies are Deep water, Coraline, Knives Out, and Murder Mystery. One of the most underrated mystery movies of all time, is Coraline. The creativity behind the plot twists, and the fact that its animation makes it so intriguing and inviting. It may appear a children’s happy movie, yet it holds much more depth behind the cover. There are so many conceptual mystery movies out there, yet the nail-biting suspense of mysteries makes it come in second for Blaine’s favorite.


Action movies are the most chaotic to watch, and very over the top with intensity, suspense and violence. The viewers experience adrenaline while watching their favorite superhero fight against a villain and defeat them in an engaging battle. A few of the most popular ones are The Marvel Series, The Incredibles, Holes, and Spy Kids. Spy Kids was first released in 2001 and was a huge hit out of the gates. Ever since, kids all around find Spy Kids as a easy enjoyable film and it even turned into a series. The Marvel Series is an all around love. It’s heartfelt, and shows characters and their perspectives of being a Super Hero. It conveys the relationships between the families and friends of the superheroes and how they are affected with the “saving the world”. Overall, action movies are so intriguing and even though they rank lower than the rest, they are a favorite for a reason.