Books to Read!

Books to Read!

Here are five fun and interesting elementary and middle school books you should read:

  1. Poisoned, By Jennifer Donnelly : This is a good book for Middle School students. Sophie is a princess and is about to inherit her father’s throne, her stepmother and the royal court, however, think she is to weak and foolish to rule so she has the huntsman cut out Sophie’s heart. Fortunately, seven men rescue Sophie and save her from dying. Sophie then must embark on a quest to get her heart back and prove that she can rule her kingdom.


  1. Baraka Beats, By Maleeha Siddiqui: Great for both Elementary and Middle School students. Nimra is about to start her first year of public school with her best friend Jenna. But then Jenna starts ignoring Nimra when they are at school because she wears a hijab, and their friendship begins to fall apart. When Nimra gets asked to join Baraka Beats, a band made up of popular 8th grade boys, she says yes because she knows it will save her friendship with Jenna. However, Nimra was taught that music isn’t allowed in Islam, and she knows her parents wouldn’t approve of her being in the band; so, she comes up with a plan, join the band to get Jenna back, and quit before her parents find out. But Nimra grows to care about her new bandmates, and she realizes she must choose to betray her beliefs, or her new friends trust in her.


  1. Mrs. Frisby And The Rats of NIMH, By Robert C. O’Brien: A fun Elementary and Middle School book. Mrs. Frisby is a mouse with four small children and must quickly move them to their summer home or face the possibility of death. Unfortunately, one of her sons, Timothy, fell ill with pneumonia and cannot be moved. Luckily, on a search for a cure, Mrs. Frisby runs into the rats of NIMH, who help her come up with a solution to her problem.


  1. Fablehaven (book one in the Fablehaven series) By Brandon Mull: A great book for both Elementary and Middle School students. Kendra and Seth are sent to their grandparents’ house, but they don’t know that it is a sanctuary for mystical creatures. The house is one of the few places left where true magic can be found. Inside the woods where Kendra and Seth are not allowed, there are many laws that keep all the creatures in, and when they are broken, evil creatures are unleashed, and Kendra and Seth must face great challenges to save their family and keep Fablehaven safe.


  1. A Wizard of Earthsea, By: Ursula K. Le Guin: A great Middle School read. Ged, also called Sparrowhawk, is training to be a wizard, but he is power-hungry, and accidently unleashes a shadow that could do terrible things on earth. He then must go through great trials and many adventures to restore the balance on earth.