Weird Inventions P.2


Welcome back to weird inventions where we find the weirdest things that you probably wouldn’t want to buy!

  1. The Dog Dust Cover. This weird invention is like a full body raincoat for dogs except it’s more meant towards Arizona than Washington. This dog covering (mostly) stops dust from getting all over your dog. I don’t really understand why you would force your dog to wear this in a hot, dry and dusty place. But, maybe it will save you more water and time as you wouldn’t have to give your dog as many baths. I don’t know, I haven’t bought it.
  2. The Vending Machine Shirt. Ever get tired of having to find a normal vending machine while out and about? Well don’t worry! Now you can have a dispensing machine attached to your shirt! Instead of using your pockets to hold snacks, you can fill them with money and have all of the snacks literally weighing you down!
  3. The Human Pincushion. ThisĀ  invention actually makes some sense, being a diving suit with spikes covering it from head to toe. It was made to keep away hungry sharks, which sounds sensible but truthfully vending machines kill more people per year than sharks. So watch out for anyone wearing invention number two.
  4. The Aqua-Cycle. Much like a paddle boat, you use your legs to power this one waterwheel looking invention. It is certainly an interesting idea but I can imagine quite clearly falling over when I try to get on. I can’t even stay on a normal unicycle!Well, hopefully if you happen to have some of these sitting in your long lost uncle’s attic at least you know what they are, but.. you probably aren’t gonna get much use out of them.