The Scoop About What Sixth Graders Think About Middle School


We interviewed the sixth graders at Blaine; Yinuo, Theo, William, Joslyn on how they feel about middle schoolers at Blaine. Being new to middle school can be hard so we wanted to make sure they had a voice.  

William has been here or seven years (since kindergarten). His favorite subject is math. His opinion on middle school is that it is more complex than Elementary school, but he got used to it. He prefers elementary school over middle school because teachers are stricter. It also takes longer to catch up when you have missed days. He misses the three recesses you get in Elementary school. 

Theo is new this year to Blaine. His favorite subject is math. His opinion on middle school is that it is better than elementary school (he has no explanation for why he said this.) Theo said it is kind of weird being new to Blaine, but he has a lot of friends.  

Yinuo is new this year. Her favorite subject is art. Yinuo thinks middle school at Blaine is okay. She likes elementary school better than middle school because her elementary school allowed her to be late and they have snack time.  

Joslyn came to Blaine in second grade, so she has been here for four years. Her favorite subject is choir. She thinks middle school is very busy like there I always so many people in the hall when its passing period.      

Overall, it sounds like the 6th graders had a smooth transition to middle school.