Coachella 2023


No one would ever think that the desert could be such a popular destination for a festival, but Coachella is where it all happens. Coachella traces all the way back to 1993 when groups like Pearl Jam performed and helped launch the Coachella festival. Coachella has become one of the world’s largest music festivals with around 250-thousand people attending each year.  It is an outdoor festival that occurs every April, it is a 2-day festival with everything you could ever imagine! From live music, fun outdoor activities, farmers markets, Ferris wheels, and so much more! Coachella is a place for everyone!

Coachella is a hotspot for social media influencers from all over the world. These influencers are invited and sponsored by top brands like these years: Spotify, Neutrogena, Casetify, and more. Many influencers post pictures and videos showcasing the brand and also posting about their outfits, makeup, food, and their daily life. While some of these sponsored posts receive hundreds of dollars just for a single post. Not only do influencers attend Coachella celebrities from all over the world do too! This year: Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Alix Earle, and Halsey.

Fashion plays a significant role at Coachella! Some of the most popular outfits worn are flower crowns, crop tops, denim shorts, funky glasses, Bohemian dresses and fringe jackets. Many people take advantage of Coachella to express their style by wearing things they normally wouldn’t. For example, 2 people decided to wear smashed cans as a dress. Or celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian rocked a fur jacket in the heat! Other than listening to your favorite artist perform, Coachella has other things to offer including a wellness center, dance competitions, a camp lounge, art studios, gift shops and so much more. Many people like to lounge around in the camp lounge after a long day of activities, others enjoy the Ferris wheel ride that can catch the stunning views of Coachella Valley.

With over 100 food vendors the food and drinks at Coachella have a big attraction. There are so many things to satisfy you like their classic pizzas and burgers or more gourmet foods such as sushi. Coachella also offers many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free foods to intrigue all customers. The most popular foods at Coachella this year ranged from the pop-up truck Camphor which serves a deliciously juicy burger and a place called Best Friend that serves the best Korean-inspired food and drinks. Overall, Coachella offers a wide variety of delicious-tasting food and drinks for everyone!

At 8:am fans were detected to wait in line for hours just to hear their favorite singers (frank ocean) perform. But unfortunately, Frank Oceans performance is not what anybody thought it was going to be. Waiting in line for hours was just the start of where everything went wrong. After some people waited 10 hours, Frank Ocean started an hour late and only performed 3 of his hits! But the worst part of it all was that Frank wasn’t even singing on stage, he was behind it all the whole time. This causes many fans to be upset with half the crowd leaving through the middle of his performance.

Coachella wants to make sure everyone has a good time. They are known for their efforts to make sure that it is possible for everyone to have the same experience no matter what. They have an ADA (the American disability act hotline is used for making it easier for people to get assistance, and Coachella also offers a variety of accommodations like accessible parking, restrooms, and viewing areas. Lastly, Coachella has a team of ambassadors who are trained to assist people in need.

The atmosphere of Coachella makes people want to come back each year, whether you’re a music lover or just looking to have a good time Coachella creates an environment for everyone to enjoy. It is a place where people can come together and celebrate each other while feeling accepted.