Where Did All of the Cats Go?

Where did all the cats go?

If you live in Magnolia, I bet you have seen the increasing amount of lost cat posters, even some of my friends have lost their cats. You may have also seen coyotes because there is an increasing number of coyotes in the neighborhood. They have moved from bunnies to rats and now they are going for cats and even sometimes dogs.

While walking a couple of weeks ago, I saw this dog wearing an orange vest with spikes on it. I talked to the owner, and it turned out to be a coyote vest. The owner said that the coyote had approached the dog right in front of her when walking her dog. One of my friends, Lucy, said she lost her cat, Jack, to a coyote. She figured that out because the same day her cat ran away, she found a bunch of his fur all over her yard.

Lots of people I know have seen coyotes with cats in their mouths from just walking their dog or from your video camera. If your cat ran away, it could have just run away, but there is a high probability your cat was taken by a coyote. Be careful and safe while letting your cat out or letting your dog off-leash.