Best Places To Hang Out in the Village!


There are many things to do after school but one of the most popular is to go to the village. Whether with friends or alone, going to the Magnolia Village is a fun activity. Here are some of the most popular spots and businesses that you do not want to miss! 

Undoubtedly one of the most popular spots not only in the village but in the entire world is Starbucks. Starbucks is on the corner of McGraw and 33rd. Starbucks is a wonderful place to chill out with friends after a hot day of school. You can grab a hot chocolate or an ice-cold drink of any variety. Starbucks is a great place to hang out or do homework! 

Another place that is great for a cold treat is The Nutty Squirrel. Located on the corner of Smith and 33rd street. The Nutty Squirrel offers gelato, milkshakes, macarons, lava cakes, and more! The Nutty Squirrel is conveniently located very close to the school. The Nutty Squirrel makes a fantastic place to grab a sweet treat after school! 

One of the newest locations in the Village is Bubble. You can find Bubble on McGraw Street by the VCA. Bubble offers an incredible virtual reality experience and offers boba tea. Bubble also serves ice cream, slushies, and assorted snack foods. Bubble is the place if you want to escape reality! 

There are many pizza locations in the village, but Slice Box is something special! Located on McGraw next to the post office, Slice Box serves delicious pizza. The twist is that it is served by the slice. Slice Box also has soda! Slice Box is a terrific place to go for pizza in the Village. 

The last place is The Magnolia Village Pub (MVP) is also an impressive establishment. Located catty corner to Starbucks, the MVP is the perfect place to meet with friends for a delicious dinner. The MVP has a large menu with lots of options. You will be sure to catch any big sports game on one of the many televisions. The MVP is an exceptional place for a little night out.