Teacher Appreciation Week!


This week is teacher appreciation week. Each day is a different day to appreciate the teachers. On Monday, teachers receive new supplies. On Tuesday, students brought flowers for their teacher. On Wednesday, staff was provided with a Mexican lunch. On Thursday, a coffee cart was brought to the school. On Friday, breakfast items were provided in the office.  

We interviewed students from every grade level about what they appreciate about their teachers.  

We started by interviewing a kindergarten student. Scarlet likes how Ms. Unseth gives them free time and four recesses. Scarlet enjoys it when Ms. Unseth reads books to them. We interviewed 1st graders next. Caelan likes the fact that Ms. Rudoph allows the class to have free time during rainy day recess. Ms. Rudoph also helps Caelan with his writing. The 2nd grader we interviewed, Brendon, said he likes Ms. Kang-Crosby because she is nice and plays flyers with him and the class. We interviewed Ms. Keller’s 3rd grade class next. Davis likes Ms. Keller because she does a lot of fun stuff. She also hands out tiger tickets and lets the class play games when there is free time. Brooklyn likes Ms. Keller because she is understanding, nice and lets them have extra time.  In 4th grade, Reece said that Ms. Hancock was good at teaching math and that she had a lot of confidence with her students. In 5th grade, we interviewed four students: Brit, Cora, Annie, and Stellan; we asked them what they liked about their teacher, Ms. Fammartino. Brit said, “She helps when I need help.” Cora likes that Ms. Fammartino lets them have free time. Annie likes how Ms. Fammartino explains problems well. Stellan said he likes her Gucci slippers? Great.  

In middle school, Gemma and Oliver, who are sixth graders, both have different opinions. Gemma likes Mr. Mead because he has no tight deadlines, sets her class up for success and knows how to control the class. Oliver likes Ms. Vanduser because you get to do fun things like watching movies and doing contests. Siri in seventh grade likes Ms. Bonoff because she is funny, gets to the point, honest and fun to be around and is positive. Ms. Kypreos is helpful and understands each student. The eighth graders Sydney, Willa and Ruby all agree that Ms. Kyobe is a good teacher because she is strict but also lets you have fun; they learn a lot from her. Sienna thinks Mr. Self is a good teacher because he is so interesting, and she learns a lot from him. 

Thank you to all the teachers and staff! Make sure you show how much you appreciate your teachers.