May 17 Announcements


Games and meets this weekend:

Varsity volleyball- 5/20/23: 11:00am vs. South Shore @ Robert Eagle Staff Middle School

JV volleyball- 5/20/23: 2:00pm vs. Washington C @ Whitman Middle School


Varsity soccer- 5/20/23: 1:00 PM vs. South Shore @Robert Eagle Staff Middle School

JV soccer- 5/20/23: 11:30 AM vs. Salmon Bay @ Jane Adams Middle School #1


Co-ed track- 5/20/23: 10:00 AM @ Nathan Hale High School

*Divisional Qualifying (prelims.)


The last day of school is in 46 days, so hang tight. We have a lot of fun activities coming up like the carnival, field day, another middle school dance and more end of year fun.

The 8th grade Orkila trip is nearing soon, and is coming up in 2 weeks. Make sure to dress for warm weather, because we will be plateauing at the high 70’s low 80’s range.


This week’s birthdays

Ellie Hrisko – Wednesday, May 17

Declan McGrath – Saturday, May 20

Ethan Nudelman – Saturday, May 20

Alex Herndon – Sunday, May 21