Best Ice Cream


With the weather turning up the heat, and summer right around the corner, one thought is slipping into everyone’s head. Ice cream.  

Ice cream may be as old as the second century BCE, with historical figures like Alexander the great enjoying ancient forms of the sweat treat. But what are the most popular flavors now? Here are the top ten flavors bound to be flying off the shelves this summer. 

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10. Dark chocolate ice cream: If you want a strong chocolaty flavor this is the flavor for you. Only one of five people surveyed said they enjoyed dark chocolate ice cream. I personally enjoy dark chocolate’s heavy flavor. 

9. Caramel ice cream: Caramel is a great sweet and salty treat. With a stretchy texture, caramel is nineth on the list. However, only one person surveyed said they enjoyed caramel ice cream. I think caramel ice cream is very underrated. 

8. Toffee ice cream: Toffee ice cream is similar in flavor and texture to caramel ice cream. Despite that, zero people surveyed liked toffee ice cream. I think toffee is a great substitute for caramel. 

7. Banana ice cream: Banana ice cream is sweet and artificial tasting. Only one person said they enjoyed banana ice cream. I dislike banana ice cream because it tastes very artificial. 

6. Neapolitan ice cream: Neapolitan ice cream is a blend of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice creams. Three people who were surveyed said that they enjoyed neapolitan ice cream. Neapolitan ice cream is the most popular flavor in seven states! 

5. Buttered Pecan ice cream: Buttered pecan ice cream is a flavor blend of delicious butter and nutty pecan. Only one person surveyed enjoyed buttered pecan ice cream. Buttered pecan is not one of my favorite flavors, and I disagree with its ranking. 

4. Cookie Dough ice cream: Cookie dough ice cream is one of the all-time greats. Cookie dough has a vanilla base with small cookie dough bits mixed in. Four people surveyed enjoyed cookie dough, and it is the most popular ice cream in two states.  

3. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream: Mint Chocolate chip ice cream is another great one worthy of making the top three. Mint chocolate chip has a mint base with chocolate bits sprinkled throughout. Three people surveyed said that they enjoyed mint chocolate chip, and the flavor is the most popular in five states. 

2. Vanilla ice cream: Defiantly a classic and staple in the ice cream world, vanilla ice cream is absolutely delicious. Three people surveyed gave vanilla a thumbs up. Vanilla is also the most popular flavor in 15 states. I think vanilla is hard to mess up. 

1. Chocolate ice cream: Number one in the ice cream world, chocolate ice cream is loved by all. Five of five people surveyed enjoyed chocolate ice cream. Chocolate is the most popular in 21 states. Including Washington. I personally prefer vanilla over chocolate.  

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