MTV is Being Canceled


The famous news network that has been consistently producing music videos and entertainment for over 3 decades has come to an end. MTV was a news channel that catered to music production and published music videos for the public to see. “The end of an era,” as many of the previous watchers have stated.

MTV is being released from Paramount due to budget cuts and lack of audience. The show that many of our millennials have grown up on has officially pulled the plug. When it first launched, MTV was strictly a viewing platform for music videos, and popular songs’ music videos. As the years progressed, the viewer levels decreased, so the producers shifted over to television shows. A few of the shows that made their debut on the network are Teen Wolf, South Park, The Real World, and many others.

MTV was a very influential channel that brought up so many of this generations most popular music makers. Watchers were introduced to Guns N’ Roses, Madonna, Nirvana, and even Michael Jackson. These artists became big time and made their debut through MTV. It originally aired music videos and was the only platform in which you could find the new music videos. It became ritualistic to watch the newly released music videos, and dance along. As people got busier, the viewer levels declined and less and less people were interested. Viacom Inc. later purchased MTV and they transferred to airing cartoons, soap operas, and reality shows.

Overall, MTV was a showcase network that spiced up the childhood and strongly impacted this generation’s music taste and music influencers. Thanks to MTV our favorite musicians, TV shows, and even dances have been shared to us. We will be sad to see MTV go, but it truly had a great run.