Blaine Student Art Placed in Seattle Art Museum


Alex and Olivia

One of Blaine’s eighth graders, Colin, got his artwork into the Seattle Art Museum. We interviewed him about his artwork and art in general.  

Some of the art projects that students have done this year in art include photography, oil pastels, double canvas paintings with acrylic paint, and visual journal. Colin said that his favorite was the visual journal because “you can do more kinds of art” and “you can be creative with it.”  

Artists use all kinds of materials for their artwork, Colins favorite is acrylic paint, but he prefers clay over acrylic paint in his projects. “Because we don’t use clay as much” Colin said.  

Colin’s work will be placed in the art museum from April 8 through May 14 and will be available online on the Seattle Public Schools website from April 14 through the rest of the school year. He says he is “kind of excited” to see his art at the Seattle Art Museum.  

Only 10 pieces of art from Catharine Blaine were accepted into the Seattle Art Museum. The celebration of art is from high schools and middle schools throughout the district. The Naramore Art Show is named after Floyd A. Naramore, an architect who has designed many schools. This art show has been going on since 1985. Over 200 pieces of art have been submitted.  

Congratulations Colin and nine others!