Flashback to 2020 Trends

Its crazy to think that 2020 was already 3 years ago. That year came with many ups and downs, yet we all made the most of it. Through the hardships of over a year of online school, to a toilet paper shortage, and to much family time; we have finally (hopefully) made it in the clear. Let’s throw back to the roller coaster of a year and review the top trends of 2020.

The newly released app at that time by the name of “TikTok” was all the rage. People would get stuck scrolling on the app watching short videos of people expressing themselves such as dancing, lip syncing, transitions and more. People loved to share their ideas and be themselves. Some ideas that were shared to keep people occupied were, trampoline forts, whipped coffee/unique recipes, home workouts and more.

Staying at home so much created a new view of family time. As much as there were special moments, life at home started to become difficult for many. Along with only being with family and the people you were quarantined or podded with, there were many other changes causing us all to live a new life. A way the world turned was moving many things online, People got creative with video call settings and used the new way of communication to keep a social life. Popular game, “Among Us” was a common activity groups could play over a call. Let’s hope that the “Among Us”, “Microsoft Teams” and “Zoom” days are behind us.

There was a lot of exploring in fashion and beauty during 2020. Different aesthetics were trending such as, indie, cottage core, alternative and light and dark academia. If you were to walk down the Covid streets in 2020 we would see a whole lot of sweater vests, buckle belts, air forces, colorful sweatpants, short puffer coats, butterfly clips and so much more that creates a representation of ones identity.

As crazy of a year 2020 was we all learned something from the experience of a pandemic that hopefully many in the future will not have to experience.