Catharine Blaine 2023 Auction

     Party like a yacht star! The Blaine auction is a yearly event that has been going on for over 20 years! With a stunning view of the lake, it took place this past weekend at Eventide Lake Union in Tyee. The auction occurs every spring, it is a fun gathering for families and staff to come together and celebrate Catherine Blaine. During this event people insert auction items that are always big hits. This years favorites include teacher of the day, boat day with Mrs. Fammartino, and all of the terrific art pieces that Blaine students made! The auction is a great way for the school to come together and to build stronger relations between staff and parents. 

     This year was an auction that won’t be forgotten, from the on the water location and the fabulously catered foods it has created an environment that brings a crowd. Many staff and parents went to the auction continuing its legacy. Our librarian Mrs. Catozzi shared her thoughts on how it went. She said that “the venue was right on the water, and the food was just delicious!” The Blaine auction was a perfect place for an event because of its location. With an incredible on the water experience, it made it even more enjoyable. Each year the auction has a theme, as for this year it was “party like a yacht star ” many people dressed in outfits accordingly. For example, our principal Mr. gray dressed as a sailor, and many others dressed similarly.  

     Raise your paddles for your favorite auction item of the night. From student done art projects to brunches and happy hours, there’s something for everyone. Our very own Nelson-Miller sisters won the principal for a day bid. Amy Miller, the girls’ mother, went into the auction determined to win. This item has been in the auction for many years, with various families and students becoming principal. Olivia Nelson-Miller was questioned about her feelings and thoughts about taking on this new role. Olivia is “Kind of excited” for the big responsibilities, but equally as nervous. She doesn’t see being a principal in her future, although she thinks it would be fun. This year Olivia is going to implement a few rules for the day, simply because she is going to be principal. Off the top of her head, “I think I’m gonna do extra recess and no homework!” If she did end up being principal of Blaine one day, she would “probably make longer lunches.” Both Olivia and her older sister Lucy are ready to fill the shoes of our marvelous Mr. Gray. 

     As many of our lovely staff have mentioned, this year’s auction was a huge success! We are all looking forward to next year’s auction. Who knows maybe next year you will be principal for a day!