Shrek The Musical JR. Is Coming to Blaine!

Shrek The Musical JR. Is coming to Blaine!  

The production is run by Mrs. VanDuser who is the choir teacher here at Blaine. The play is put on our very own student here at Blaine from 8th graders to a couple of 4th graders.  

 The play is just like the iconic movie but in song form. A misunderstood Ogre named Shrek, and a hyperactive donkey go on a quest to save an abandoned princess (called princess Fiona) locked in a tower. The princess was supposed to be rescued for the 3-foot wannabe king Lord Farquaad, but an unexpected couple forms and tears Lord Farquaad’s plans up. It ends in a happily ever after for everyone.  

The play has a wonderful cast filled with loud, bright, and brilliant people. Here are some of the stars.  

Shrek – Elliot R.  

Fiona – Sydney W.  

Donkey – Jordan J.  

Lord Farquaad – Max K. 

Dragon – Lilija G.  

Pinocchio – Theo F.  

Ginny – Joslynn X. 

And so many more students you’ll get to see on stage this week! 

The show dates and times are May 4th at 7:00pm, May 5th at 7:00pm, May 6th 7:00pm, May 7th at 2:00pm. The prices for the tickets are: $5 per student and $15 per Adult.

It is expected to have a great outcome among audience members; hopefully we will see you there!