What did Elementary Kids do for Spring Break?


There is a large variety of activities and places of what elementary kids at Catharine Blaine did over spring break. We found that most kids took time during spring break to venture beyond Seattle. Although there were many varieties, we found plenty of similarities. By interviewing kindergarten through 5th grade, many patterns occurred to give a better idea of how spring break is used by elementary kids.

Lots of kids took time during spring break to visit family. Many traveled to a different state to see their grandparents, states like Colorado and Arizona. Many of the kids who was in this situation wouldn’t change anything about their spring break, they were glad to see their family. A lot wish it was still spring break because they had fun with their family. Getting time off of school creates opportunities to see family that live outside of the Seattle area. Giving these opportunities help a child stay connected with their family.

Another observation was that all the kids described spring break positively. Some recurring words were fun, great, and awesome. This implies that having time off of school is very rewarding and can keep a person positive in the mind. We also asked a question to every elementary kid we interviewed, the question was “, Was what you did during spring break fun?”. Every elementary kid we interviewed said the same answer, and the answer was yes. This indicates that spring break is what every elementary kid looks forward to, spring break brings lots of joy.

In conclusion, spring break is something that should always be around. There are lots of benefits to having spring break and nobody discourages it. Elementary kids take the time to see family, travel, see friends, or just to stay home and relax. All this helps a kid throughout their childhood to learn new things, meet new people, or try new activities. Having time off during school is the perfect way to positively improve an elementary kids childhood.