What are Catharine Blaine Kids Dream Jobs?


Haven’t you wondered what the people around you want to be when they grow up? By interviewing elementary and middle school kids at Catharine Blaine we found lots of similarities and common opinions from a variety of kids. Lots of kids want to be athletes, doctors, artists, scientists, and many more careers. We heard of some unique jobs like pro cyclist, astronomer, designer, animator, and face-painter. Though there are many different kinds of jobs that we heard of, we’re excited to see if any of the kids get the job they want.

One very common job we heard was to be an athlete. The majority of the people who answered with athlete want to be a soccer player, which was expected. Another common type of sport we heard was volleyball and baseball. We were expecting to see a lot of people answer with athlete because lots of kids grow up participating in sports and a lot of times that leads into adulthood.

Another very common job were jobs that helps animals and humans physically. A lot of answers were nurses, doctors, dentists, and veterinarian. This is a answer that is very beneficial because having more people to help people/animals fight sicknesses or to heal them is something that is needed. This is also good because seeing that many kids want to help, and do acts of kindness, is something that is very beneficial to many people.

In conclusion, there was a wide range of jobs that people at Catharine Blaine want. Many requiring college, hours of practice, and high school graduation. Seeing this variety of jobs is good because if everybody wanted the same jobs, there would not be such diversity in everybody. Having this generation to be our main working group is exciting because of all the diversity and goals each person have.