Is Social Media Really Worth It?


Is social media really worth it?

We all now that social media is taking over are world from the Metta verse to snapchat is it really worth it?

I think in some ways it is and some ways it is not, let me explain.

Let’s start with the Pros. Watching social media can make you do things you don’t want to do look fun. Have you seen those organizing and cleaning videos? The video makes me want to clean for a whole 30 seconds until I scroll to the next video.  Social Media like TikTok also creates a lot of fun inspiration. In a lot of social media, you can talk to a lot of people you can’t talk face to face with every day or see their pictures.

Now for the cons of social media. I know I have found my self staring at my phone when I was supposed to be doing something.  Now you have probably heard that social media can cause depression, and well they don’t have a direct connection, especially for girl seeing photos can make them feel bad about them self and have self-doubt can lead to depression. Studies have shown that your eyesight worsens from being on your screen so much.  The final con of social media is you can lose a lot of sleep from watching social media at night sometimes it can even just be the notification’s you get from social media.

So in the end I can not decide is missing out from social media the right thing to do

Do you think having social media is worth it?