Shrek, The Musical!


On the dates of May 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th, Shrek the musical took place! Created by middle schools students in all sorts of classes, the musical was entirely created by hand, from the props, to the costumes or the little bits of their own personality actors snuck in. Every so often Blaine kids like to put on a show, and before they narrowed everything down to doing Shrek, there were several dozens of suggestions for plays, but (as we’re talking about it in this article) Shrek was chosen.

After being asked, many of the performers admitted to being a bit stressed and worried before each performance but everyone performed great despite that! One thing a person said that I especially liked, was of how much of a stressful but very fun community it was, and how creating Shrek was crazy and intense, but also very fun and memorable.

One thing to remember though is that everyone worked very hard to bring this to us. Some may have gone in to the show expecting it to be like other famous plays, but did you know that people in plays like this will sometimes have up to several years to prepare, while everyone involved with Shrek only got a couple of months!

Some main characters that you might have heard of from the movies were Shrek, Donkey, or Lord Farquad which were all played by people from our very own school. But, the actors weren’t doing all the work, let’s have a shoutout to all of the backstage crew members as well! They worked just as hard as the actors and did many things from makeup or costumes to props and backdrops.

Thank you to everyone who participated in creating and performing Shrek as well as the people who bought tickets that will support our school in the future!