Dogs vs Cats


Dogs and cats are the two most popular pets in the USA. Both have similarities in the way they act and have their own unique traits that set them apart. By interviewing both elementary and middle school kids from Catharine Blaine, I collected scores and opinions on what pet they think is better.

When people said they preferred cats, they typically chose cats because they were cute and cuddly. Most referred to cats as adorable and easier to take care of. Some of the people who chose dogs said they didn’t choose cats because they saw them as mean. There are lots of stereotypes of cats being mean, one example is Lucifer in Cinderella who was portrayed as the evil family cat. Even though there are stereotypes of cats being mean, many people still see them as cute pets to cuddle with.

When interviewing, nobody said anything negative about dogs. Some recurring words I heard referring to dogs were cuddly, better, cute, and playful. Dogs, in my opinion, seem to be more playful and energetic so that might’ve played a big role in why someone chose dogs. There are many characteristics a dog can have that give lots of variety to the species. This also might’ve played a big role in why someone chose dogs because there are so many different types of dogs that have a wide range between them.

In conclusion, both cats and dogs are very different from each other but are both great to have as a pet. Based on the scores I got, dogs seem to be the more popular opinion on the better pet. It wasn’t a humungous difference but it wasn’t small either. Though dogs won, both pets are uniquely great because of their own special traits. A score doesn’t always define the better pet, it just states the popular opinion.